White Paper


The mobile location services market is growing rapidly. Current estimates for the value and scale of the Indoor Location Services market alone range in the tens of billions of dollars. However, there remains significant challenges and opportunities for accurately and precisely locating mobile wireless devices, especially in three dimensions and in real-time. Current approaches do not offer adequate precision (e.g., less than 1 foot). And, most approaches involve gathering input data from multiple systems, and multiple technologies (GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID), and manual or custom correlation.

Prima Research LLC has developed new technology that can locate in real time, with accuracy and high precision, any radio-frequency-emitting device within a defined local space (DLS), defined by you. A DLS can be an indoor or outdoor space, or even a hybrid of the two. Examples may include shopping Malls, large retail stores, airports, sports arenas, bars, special events and conferences, train and bus stations, college and corporate campuses, highways, commercial and industrial buildings–virtually any space where people gather with their mobile devices.

Mobile Wireless Terminal Location in a Defined Local Space is a white paper authored by Prima Research distinguished engineers.

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