The Prima Research LCC invention provides the method to identify, recognize, observe, track and analyze people in the real world, as they are via cookies on the Internet today. While our method can track any wireless communications device, mobile phones offer a sampling equal to the penetration rate of cellular devices: 60% worldwide, 91% in the USA, and well over 100% in the UK and other markets. Every person with a mobile device is carrying a uniquely identifiable beacon that is broadcasting his or her identity and position 24/7. Our intellectual property provides the capability to collect, analyze, and make use of this data, including further interaction with the mobile phone itself.  Never in human history has it been feasible to observe individuals, or indeed entire populations, on such a scale or in such precise detail, let alone in real-time.

Example Applications

  • Marketers and Retailers to discreetly track and observe consumer behavior.
  • Wireless carriers that can match customer data to complement location-based data.
  • Advertisers to present consumers with immediately relevant display ads.
  • Property managers to base lease rates on traffic and behavior of shoppers.
  • Applications and systems for real-time mapping and location of goods in retail stores.
  • Municipalities to determine to-the-minute traffic or crowd patterns or even creating smart traffic control systems that route traffic according to real-time conditions.
  • Police to discreetly track and observe persons of interest.
  • Restaurants or theater venues to create “cell-free” sections while allowing only certain calls (e.g. 911 or even certain “white-listed” individuals)
  • Security firms that can use mobile devices as key-cards to access facilities or areas.
  • Schools/prisons to enforce “no cell phone” rules, while allowing exceptions for specific roles, e.g. teachers, guards, doctors, etc.
  • Car Manufacturers could disable text messaging and call capabilities for drivers, while allowing passengers complete access.
  • FAA would have a much improved method of controlling and directing air traffic, saving time, increasing efficiencies, and increasing public safety.
  • Military planners can make more educated decisions about the location of primary and secondary targets as well as for determining the potential collateral damage.
  • First Responders for locating victims or suspects.