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We’ve invited you to this page because we think our suite of patents may be relevant to your current or future products. All information here is public, so we don’t require an NDA for you to review. We are not a patent troll and do not suggest infringement.


Prima Research



Prima Research LLC owns patented 3D location technology that accurately determines and reports with sub-second processing time and millimeter precision, the fixed and moving location of one to many RF emitters, and includes a known framing sequence (e.g., a unique portable terminal identifying embedded signal) in a Defined Local Space (DLS). The patented Prima technology filters false RF reflections and indirect multipath signals that would otherwise create 3D location errors.

Business Opportunity

Commercial Use. Prima Research desires to make available the technology, and associated intellectual property, to partners interested in implementing the technology to improve 3D location accuracy in their commercial products.  The licensing terms include no up-front cost, with fees based solely on commercial success of the product implementing the technology.

Intellectual Property Use. Alternatively, Prima Research is also willing to make the patents available for sale, or under exclusive license in a field of technology.  Such arrangement may bolster an existing patent portfolio, create value for sale of a corporate entity, or allow for defensive use of the patents in litigation.

Additional References

We created a white paper, Mobile Wireless Terminal Location in a Defined Local Space for one type of application, and we have documented our approach for other applications, that we would be happy to share.

yellow-dot View U.S. Patent No. 8,315,598

yellow-dot View U.S. Patent No. 8,594,703

yellow-dot View U.S. Patent No. 8,825,082

yellow-dot View U.S. Patent No. 9,002,376


We would happily share more information and discuss any areas in detail.

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